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An Insidious Gold Standard

on August 7, 2013

Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth.

Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits,

and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.

However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear

and they ought to disappear,

for this would be a happier and better world to live in.

But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery

, let them continue to create deposits.” — Sir Josiah Stamp

Gold is an inert and precious metal that’s been coveted and hoarded since history records commenced.

Gold is a physical entity that has provided mankind with an excellent medium-of-exchange for thousands of years.

 Gold served an instrument of the banking cartel to introduce their diabolical government bond-based usury system of debt-enslavement and theft.

To be clear from the outset, my view is that physical gold in the form of coins and bars is an excellent facilitator in the market place.  It provides a long-term storage of wealth, is easily measured and divisible, and along with silver and bronze coins would be a sufficient, fair, and just component of a reality-based monetary system.

However, a gold-standard in which gold is allegedly held in central banks with pieces of paper and electronic binary code supposedly representing such gold is unfair, unjust, unnecessary, and an illusory-based money system.  It is unfair, as the government will dictate to the market how such funds will be distributed, it is unnecessary as there is sufficient physical gold, silver, bronze, and indeed cupra-nickel coins and bars in circulation, and it is unjust because it is an illusion.

There are plenty of Rothschild shills in the ‘alternative media’ working for the one bank, and thus the aims of the criminal cartel.  Such shills will be encouraging a new ‘gold standard’ as an alternative monetary system to the present illusory debt-based fiat one.  Their calls will include such nonsense as ‘gold is stable’, ‘gold is the only true form of money’, and other bull shit.  To understand and reject their claims it is important to first examine the current paradigm, and then seek alternatives ourselves instead of accepting their ‘solution’ to the problems created by their lord and master, the sinister criminal family known as the Rothschild clan.

The current monetary system

It is common knowledge amongst the ‘awakened’ that we currently use fiat currency issued by central banks, but what some fail to focus on is the fundamental feature of the insidious government bond.

In a nutshell, the government that allegedly represents the people, issues an IOU certificate that is then placed onto the open market and purchased by a variety of entities including hedge funds, pensions brokers, individuals, and the central bank of the region or country.  The government then pays this bond – with the interest attached – through taxation and other forms of theft.  The notion of taxation is sold to the general public as a necessary means to provide revenues for services, which is partly true, but they rarely if ever mention that much of the revenue is needed to pay the interest on a previous debt.

Even more fundamental is the birth of such a system.  At the outset the initial government bond is purchased with currency created by the central bank.  So for a quick example, the government issues a bond for $100 at 10% over a one-year period, and then the central bank creates the currency – out of thin air – and purchases the bond with $100 of ‘new’ dollars.  The treasury department then owes the central bank $110 at the end of the year, but as only $100 was created initially, more bonds must be issued to pay the illusory debt.

In other words, and in plain language:  the debt can never be paid-off.

The population being ‘served’ by the government is therefore placed into debt-enslavement indefinitely, and most of the economic energy, thus energy in general, is forever sacrificed to the parasitical banking cartel headed by the criminal House of Rothschild.

If it wasn’t so evil, I would actually admire the genius behind it, but as it is so evil, I am duty-bound – as all moral people should be – to destroy this system of enslavement.

Like all fiat systems, however, this was doomed to failure from the start and the Achilles heel of our present paradigm is the notion of compounding interest rates; circumvented/delayed somewhat with derivative programs, but nonetheless has a destiny to fail.  In fact all fiat monetary systems fail eventually because of the simple fact they are based upon an illusion.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”  Matthew 7:15

The Rothschild clan will be very much aware that their system is on its last legs, and will have instructed numerous shills and charlatens to be on both the mainstream media and the falsely titled ‘alternative’ media.  One suggestion they will no doubt make in the future is a return to a gold standard, but what type of monetary system would this entail.  May I suggest it would be an insidious gold standard.

An Insidious Gold Standard

Under a ‘new’ gold standard proposed by the shills, charlatans, and useful idiots, the entity known as a government bond would still be very active and used as the primary vehicle of enslaving the population through corrupt taxation policies.

Similar to the current system, the government would issue a bond, but instead of the central bank created binary code out-of-thin-air to purchase it along with a small amount of paper and base-metal coins gold would be used instead.

Which entities would therefore purchase the bond?  Would it be all those avid gold-bugs in India, the prepper community in the western world, or would the Chinese be dumb enough to send their gold abroad to purchase the bonds?

Is it too far a stretch of the imagination to suggest the bonds would be purchased by the one bank headed by the devilish and criminal House of Rothschild? After all, what do you think these slimy creatures have been doing for centuries other than accumulate gold?  Do you believe they are currently buying illusory assets such as bitcoin?

It is highly likely these malevolent thieves have secured sufficient gold-holdings and have it stashed away in secure units – off the grid of any system currently in play.  Do you not reason they would be highly motivate to utilise the gold to purchase government bonds in the west like their forefathers did?

Another aspect of the insidious gold standard is that the governments simply cannot be trusted, and neither can those that audit the government.  As stated, the insidious gold standard would not involve physical gold floating around in the economy, the physical gold would be stored in the central bank for ‘national security reasons’, with pieces of paper – perhaps with gold ink on them – and binary code allegedly representing such gold circulating amongst the people and stealing their economic output.

It is the humble opinion and concern of the writer that not only is such as system being designed by the money-changers and marketed by shills, but that many ‘awakened’ people will fall for the scam.

Will you?


So, what are the alternatives?  Many cite a gold standard in which no bond is involved, similar to the silver certificate concept believed to have been firmly on the agenda of JFK.  Again, however, there is a problem with having a completely untrustworthy government with a connection to the one bank.  Ideally the government would melt down its gold into gold pennies – a 1/20th of a troy ounce – and circulate them amongst the population………but that really isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

There are many that seek a pseudo-greenback, which is effectively a debt-free, i.e. bond-free, currency generated and circulated directly by the treasury department and is a continuation of the fiat monetary system without the need for a Rothschild-controlled central bank.

Both the gold-certificate concept and the pseudo-greenback have numerous flaws in their make-up and whilst they share similar problems the latter is tainted with many more.  They both leave the government in control of monetary concerns, which is not a situation I would personally like to see.  The government warps the market with every decision they make, and whilst some policy makers may indeed have moral intentions, an individual should not be in control of such a fundamental feature of the market place such as the currency.  For example, they may tax the coal industry at 10% and the solar industry at 5% to encourage growth in the latter sector but such a move could leave the population without sufficient electricity and cause hardship.  Regarding taxation, the only type I view as valid and understandable is import and export tax with every other form from income to property being a means to both control and enslave the population.  From the perspective of the one bank, free trade should be encouraged whilst domestic taxation, e.g. VAT, should be continuous and increased:  The exact opposite of how a sovereign government should raise revenue.

As stated the pseudo-greenback theory has problems other than those of the gold-certificate due specifically because it is another illusory currency.  Although the Europeans engaged positively in changing to a fiat Euro from their fiat national currencies, none of the latter were in much crisis at that time.  More often than not, history shows quite clearly that when a fiat currency is in crisis, a return to monetary metal is the outcome, not another fiat.

This is why it is important to challenge those that seek to enslave their fellow man with a bond-based and insidious gold standard, as this alternative is far more likely in many parts of the world to a pseudo-greenback.

My humble suggestions

Firstly, may I make the point that we need competition in currencies to have a free market, and thus a repeal of legal tender laws?  Secondly, may I also ask you examine the history of currency throughout the world, and make your own conclusions as to what money has been throughout the ages?  From my own research I’ve concluded that the primary substance that has served as money is the humble metal known as copper, more usually in the form of bronze.  Furthermore, sterling silver is 7.5% copper, and US silver coinage is 10% copper, i.e. even the silver coins usually contain copper.  This is because alloy metals are more durable than pure ones.

May I also suggest that we cease ‘looking up’ to government for solutions that they themselves have created to benefit the House of Rothschild?  Do not ask anything of them; only seek to remove them from your life as much as possible.

I am of the firm and deep belief that physical gold, silver, copper, and nickel are sufficient mediums-of-exchange to enable a healthy and flourishing economy.  They are de-centralised, they are already in existence, and almost every person has at least some coins to trade with.

Gold and silver are for large purchases whilst copper and nickel are for smaller purchases.  From a Grand Palace to a single apple, there is a monetary metal that would function sufficiently as a medium of exchange.

It is important not to ‘peg’ gold to silver or to copper or nickel, as each metal is unique with its own demands and properties.  The ‘mistake’ made in the US constitution was to peg gold with silver, which allowed those that controlled the gold to therefore control the silver, demonetize it, introduce the FED, and as they say; “the rest is history”.  Always remember that the one bank headed by the Rothschild clan is managed by the most sneaky, snake-like, devious, deceitful creatures ever to walk on this wonderful planet.  Pegging the metals together would allow a window of opportunity for them to enter, and spread like the cancer that they are.


Physical gold is an excellent medium-of-exchange especially suited for the more expensive purchases in the market place.  Along with physical silver, copper and nickel – the latter usually found in the form of bronze and cupra-nickel – it is a sufficient medium-of-exchange for the market place to function in a fair a just manner.

An insidious gold standard is most likely on the cards before the contemporary bond-based fiat system finally witnesses the fat lady singing and it’s important to challenge the assumptions of those that advocate this to be a good method of change.

A pseudo-greenback is unlikely if one examines history, as the cycle from fiat to monetary metal is extremely common.

Final Point

Many people seem puzzled with my borderline obsession with the base metals of copper and nickel, but I will continue with my promotion of the two as I believe they have a fundamental role to play in demolishing the one bank.  Similar to the little and seemingly insignificant hobbits, these metals hold a vital strategy in creating a just world.

Please remember that all market places desire ‘change’ and that many of the smaller players only hold ‘change’, and are able to play and survive with just ‘change’.  Furthermore, if the smaller player becomes better with his/her moves then the ‘change’ will become more significant mediums.  In other words, a certain amount of copper and/or nickel could/will be exchanged for the precious metals of gold and silver by such smaller players in the future.

If you want to know more about this please click here if you’re in the US, and here if you’re in the UK.  My apologies for not writing about other countries, but the concept is similar throughout the word.

Thanks for reading.


6 responses to “An Insidious Gold Standard

  1. urbansaving says:

    Great article, so much unpacked in just a few paragraphs. “Choice in Currency: A Way to Stop Inflation” is a good book (more like a tract) by von Hayek if you haven’t seen it.

  2. R Greene says:

    Glad you joined us @SD

    There is a ton of reading to do here, you just added to my online time LOL


  3. ….great read. Garth, this I recommend to be a forward to a home-school curriculum book of basic monetary theory. This read would put unpolluted minds to thinking along the right track regarding the appreciation of REAL ‘money’…. whilst giving a realization of just how illegitimate fiat currency actually is.
    CopperSterling, you are…. WAKING PEOPLE UP !
    🙂 …hugs all’round.

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