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Copper Sterling: a debt-free tangible currency for Britain.

Anyone that knows me will be fully aware that I’ve been trying to develop strategies for a tangible debt-free currency for the Brits to utilise.

It is both a mathematical and psychological certainty that the current global monetary system is doomed to failure.  It’s a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’, and most importantly, in late 2011 it would appear the outcome is as uncertain as ever.

The elite still hold many cards.  They still control central governments and central banks, and therefore have control over their diabolical strawman law, the military, and the grovelling and two-faced power-hungry politicians.

I am not alone in thinking that the elite wished to impose a global digital currency.  One controlled by them, produced as a debt, and bank-wired to a microchip embedded under the skin of the enslaved people of earth.

However, it would appear they’ve lost control of their planned engineered collapse.  Look at all their central banks panicking and buying gold reserves post 2009.  If they wanted to perpetually peg the currency supply to gold they could have done that a long time ago as they used to have most of the gold.  They had been net-sellers for decades of both the precious metals.

They now have a pitiful amount of silver, and to join the market as a purchaser would be to expose their digital fiat as worthless.  There was an opportunity for them to get some gold back and perhaps consolidate for a later date.

People are exposing them though, and people are simply leaving their ‘system’.

To see the debt-farm, is to leave it” Stefan Molyneux

They have been panicking ever since the world said “mmmmm, not sure about that one” after the vampire-like IMF proposed ‘special drawing rights’ to a conference in 2009.  The people are shifting into gold and/or silver, and they are effectively cornered.

There is the opportunity to build new systems right under their noses whilst we ‘walk away’ and many such systems needn’t be operational now; but could be pre-conceived notions to implement as-and-when the moment is appropriate.

Various States are producing their own silver coins as a debt-free tangible currency, and groups in the UK are producing systems that include debt-free fiats.

Copper sterling is based on semi-precious metals and will comprise of many pre-existing coins in circulation. It is made-up of two types: bronze copper, and white copper.

Bronze Copper Sterling Pound

I believe I’ve improved and simplified the mathematics to this concept.  Bronze copper sterling will simply consist of 1971-1991 penny and two pence coins.  The coins are 97% copper.  A bronze copper pound is literally a pound weight.  Four two pence pieces make-up one ounce as do eight pennies.  Sixteen ounces make up the pound.

A penny is an eighth of an ounce.  A two pence piece is a quarter of an ounce. The nominal face value of an ounce is therefore eight pence, and a pound has a nominal face value of 128 pence.  Incidently, the now demonetised post 1971 1/2p peices are also 97% bronze and weight a sixteenth of an ounce.

The mathematics is quite simple, thus facilitating trade.

Furthermore, I urge you to have a quick peak at the price of a pound of copper on the exchange.  Even if all you do is collect the coins, and don’t connect with others, you will have made a significant gain as 128pence of bronze sterling is effectively a pound a copper.  Furthermore, the exchange price really isn’t anywhere near the price for immediate delivery of copper.  It would cost around £15 for a pound weight of copper in smallish purchases and around £5 per pound weight even if you were to purchase and get delivery a full ton of copper.

At 128 pence per pound of bronze, I suggest you collect the coins ASAP, as they are a bargain investment.

White copper sterling Key

In 2011, the Royal Mint has commenced with replacing the 5p and 10p coins.  The media shills, obliged to address the story so that they can claim impartiality at a later date, ran a report regarding how the new magnetic nickel-plated steel 5p and 10p pieces are forcing vending machine operators to adapt their slots.

“The changes, which involves the coins being made from a different metal and becoming thicker, have never been officially announced by either the Royal Mint or the Treasury. Some experts have told The Daily Telegraph the change is a “disaster” and they are becoming increasingly alarmed the new coins will fail to work in hundreds of thousands of machines, and that the costs of implementing changes will run to as much as £100 million” The London Telegraph, September 2010

This is a replay of 1992 when they changed the bronze coins with copper-plated steel.  The cycle of precious to semi-precious then onward to the base-metals such as zinc and steel is almost complete, and we should take back our semi-precious coins before the parasitical government do.

I used to look at the white copper coins and see ‘fake silver’ – as well I should.  In 1919, the Royal Mint produced its last silver sterling coin.  The public had utilised silver sterling – an alloy made-up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper – for many centuries, and the concept was pegged to a troy pound of sterling silver comprising of 240 pennies.

In 1946, the Royal Mint produced its last coin containing silver.  From 1920 to 1946 the Royal Mint effectively stole 42.5% of the silver by collecting in the sterling silver and producing coins containing 50% silver content. Since 1947, ‘silver coins’ have been made up of white copper or cupra-nickel.  In other words, the public had their silver stolen from them by their own government to pay for wars played-out with borrowed money.

“The war’s over, now pay-up” said the manipulative dark lord Rothschild via his central banks.

Now, in 2011, they are even attempting to steal our semi-precious metals of copper and nickel.  Are you going to let them?

The mathematics of white copper is not as clear-cut as the bronze copper pound or the nickel dollar, but the concept is simple: a ‘white copper key’ is a kilogram weight of cupra-nickel made-up of the 5p, 10p, and 50p coins.  These coins are the same composition of 75% copper and 25% nickel and therefore their weight value is the same, even though the 50p has a much higher nominal value.

There are few £5 coins that also comprise of white copper, i.e. 75% copper and 25% nickel.  They weigh one AVDP ounce each, and therefore in sufficient numbers they could be traded as a white copper pound.  In insufficient number they are easily incorporated into a white copper key weight measurement.

The oddball coins

The 20p is made-up of 84% copper and 16% nickel.  It is an ‘oddball’ coin, but nonetheless comprises of semi-precious metals.

The £1 coin is made-up of nickel-brass and comprises of 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc.

The £2 is also made-up of nickel-brass, but has a different composition of 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc.

I’m not sure how to incorporate these coins into a monetary system, but they could be useful for any physical form of debt-free fiats, or for meting-down in the future, so get them before the elite try to demonetise all monetary metal.


The current monetary system will inevitably collapse.

The puppet-governments will try to impose a centrally controlled currency supply in cahoots with their partners-in-crime the central banks.  This is because the same ‘force’ controls both the government and the central bank……’s that simple.

We should reject certificates or fiat controlled by the government and forge ahead with our own goals and destiny.  The government is the problem and not part of the solution.  Small communities that ignore the elites of this world and build societies based on tangible wealth and sustainability will emerge as the elite lose control of their long-planned global economic crash.

You have a choice to accept some insidious debt-based fiat from the government or you can walk away and try to build a better world.

Having debt-free semi-precious metals as the currency supply would be an ideal start.

Please comment or contact me if you like this idea.

At the very least, I hope you commence to collect the 1971-1991 1p and 2p coins along with the 5p and 10p coins.  Their intrinsic value is already greater or close to higher than their nominal value.

All the best



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