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An Insidious Gold Standard

Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers own the earth.

Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create deposits,

and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy it back again.

However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes like mine will disappear

and they ought to disappear,

for this would be a happier and better world to live in.

But, if you wish to remain the slaves of Bankers and pay the cost of your own slavery

, let them continue to create deposits.” — Sir Josiah Stamp

Gold is an inert and precious metal that’s been coveted and hoarded since history records commenced.

Gold is a physical entity that has provided mankind with an excellent medium-of-exchange for thousands of years.

 Gold served an instrument of the banking cartel to introduce their diabolical government bond-based usury system of debt-enslavement and theft.

To be clear from the outset, my view is that physical gold in the form of coins and bars is an excellent facilitator in the market place.  It provides a long-term storage of wealth, is easily measured and divisible, and along with silver and bronze coins would be a sufficient, fair, and just component of a reality-based monetary system.

However, a gold-standard in which gold is allegedly held in central banks with pieces of paper and electronic binary code supposedly representing such gold is unfair, unjust, unnecessary, and an illusory-based money system.  It is unfair, as the government will dictate to the market how such funds will be distributed, it is unnecessary as there is sufficient physical gold, silver, bronze, and indeed cupra-nickel coins and bars in circulation, and it is unjust because it is an illusion.

There are plenty of Rothschild shills in the ‘alternative media’ working for the one bank, and thus the aims of the criminal cartel.  Such shills will be encouraging a new ‘gold standard’ as an alternative monetary system to the present illusory debt-based fiat one.  Their calls will include such nonsense as ‘gold is stable’, ‘gold is the only true form of money’, and other bull shit.  To understand and reject their claims it is important to first examine the current paradigm, and then seek alternatives ourselves instead of accepting their ‘solution’ to the problems created by their lord and master, the sinister criminal family known as the Rothschild clan.

The current monetary system

It is common knowledge amongst the ‘awakened’ that we currently use fiat currency issued by central banks, but what some fail to focus on is the fundamental feature of the insidious government bond.

In a nutshell, the government that allegedly represents the people, issues an IOU certificate that is then placed onto the open market and purchased by a variety of entities including hedge funds, pensions brokers, individuals, and the central bank of the region or country.  The government then pays this bond – with the interest attached – through taxation and other forms of theft.  The notion of taxation is sold to the general public as a necessary means to provide revenues for services, which is partly true, but they rarely if ever mention that much of the revenue is needed to pay the interest on a previous debt.

Even more fundamental is the birth of such a system.  At the outset the initial government bond is purchased with currency created by the central bank.  So for a quick example, the government issues a bond for $100 at 10% over a one-year period, and then the central bank creates the currency – out of thin air – and purchases the bond with $100 of ‘new’ dollars.  The treasury department then owes the central bank $110 at the end of the year, but as only $100 was created initially, more bonds must be issued to pay the illusory debt.

In other words, and in plain language:  the debt can never be paid-off.

The population being ‘served’ by the government is therefore placed into debt-enslavement indefinitely, and most of the economic energy, thus energy in general, is forever sacrificed to the parasitical banking cartel headed by the criminal House of Rothschild.

If it wasn’t so evil, I would actually admire the genius behind it, but as it is so evil, I am duty-bound – as all moral people should be – to destroy this system of enslavement.

Like all fiat systems, however, this was doomed to failure from the start and the Achilles heel of our present paradigm is the notion of compounding interest rates; circumvented/delayed somewhat with derivative programs, but nonetheless has a destiny to fail.  In fact all fiat monetary systems fail eventually because of the simple fact they are based upon an illusion.

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”  Matthew 7:15

The Rothschild clan will be very much aware that their system is on its last legs, and will have instructed numerous shills and charlatens to be on both the mainstream media and the falsely titled ‘alternative’ media.  One suggestion they will no doubt make in the future is a return to a gold standard, but what type of monetary system would this entail.  May I suggest it would be an insidious gold standard.

An Insidious Gold Standard

Under a ‘new’ gold standard proposed by the shills, charlatans, and useful idiots, the entity known as a government bond would still be very active and used as the primary vehicle of enslaving the population through corrupt taxation policies.

Similar to the current system, the government would issue a bond, but instead of the central bank created binary code out-of-thin-air to purchase it along with a small amount of paper and base-metal coins gold would be used instead.

Which entities would therefore purchase the bond?  Would it be all those avid gold-bugs in India, the prepper community in the western world, or would the Chinese be dumb enough to send their gold abroad to purchase the bonds?

Is it too far a stretch of the imagination to suggest the bonds would be purchased by the one bank headed by the devilish and criminal House of Rothschild? After all, what do you think these slimy creatures have been doing for centuries other than accumulate gold?  Do you believe they are currently buying illusory assets such as bitcoin?

It is highly likely these malevolent thieves have secured sufficient gold-holdings and have it stashed away in secure units – off the grid of any system currently in play.  Do you not reason they would be highly motivate to utilise the gold to purchase government bonds in the west like their forefathers did?

Another aspect of the insidious gold standard is that the governments simply cannot be trusted, and neither can those that audit the government.  As stated, the insidious gold standard would not involve physical gold floating around in the economy, the physical gold would be stored in the central bank for ‘national security reasons’, with pieces of paper – perhaps with gold ink on them – and binary code allegedly representing such gold circulating amongst the people and stealing their economic output.

It is the humble opinion and concern of the writer that not only is such as system being designed by the money-changers and marketed by shills, but that many ‘awakened’ people will fall for the scam.

Will you?


So, what are the alternatives?  Many cite a gold standard in which no bond is involved, similar to the silver certificate concept believed to have been firmly on the agenda of JFK.  Again, however, there is a problem with having a completely untrustworthy government with a connection to the one bank.  Ideally the government would melt down its gold into gold pennies – a 1/20th of a troy ounce – and circulate them amongst the population………but that really isn’t going to happen anytime soon, if ever.

There are many that seek a pseudo-greenback, which is effectively a debt-free, i.e. bond-free, currency generated and circulated directly by the treasury department and is a continuation of the fiat monetary system without the need for a Rothschild-controlled central bank.

Both the gold-certificate concept and the pseudo-greenback have numerous flaws in their make-up and whilst they share similar problems the latter is tainted with many more.  They both leave the government in control of monetary concerns, which is not a situation I would personally like to see.  The government warps the market with every decision they make, and whilst some policy makers may indeed have moral intentions, an individual should not be in control of such a fundamental feature of the market place such as the currency.  For example, they may tax the coal industry at 10% and the solar industry at 5% to encourage growth in the latter sector but such a move could leave the population without sufficient electricity and cause hardship.  Regarding taxation, the only type I view as valid and understandable is import and export tax with every other form from income to property being a means to both control and enslave the population.  From the perspective of the one bank, free trade should be encouraged whilst domestic taxation, e.g. VAT, should be continuous and increased:  The exact opposite of how a sovereign government should raise revenue.

As stated the pseudo-greenback theory has problems other than those of the gold-certificate due specifically because it is another illusory currency.  Although the Europeans engaged positively in changing to a fiat Euro from their fiat national currencies, none of the latter were in much crisis at that time.  More often than not, history shows quite clearly that when a fiat currency is in crisis, a return to monetary metal is the outcome, not another fiat.

This is why it is important to challenge those that seek to enslave their fellow man with a bond-based and insidious gold standard, as this alternative is far more likely in many parts of the world to a pseudo-greenback.

My humble suggestions

Firstly, may I make the point that we need competition in currencies to have a free market, and thus a repeal of legal tender laws?  Secondly, may I also ask you examine the history of currency throughout the world, and make your own conclusions as to what money has been throughout the ages?  From my own research I’ve concluded that the primary substance that has served as money is the humble metal known as copper, more usually in the form of bronze.  Furthermore, sterling silver is 7.5% copper, and US silver coinage is 10% copper, i.e. even the silver coins usually contain copper.  This is because alloy metals are more durable than pure ones.

May I also suggest that we cease ‘looking up’ to government for solutions that they themselves have created to benefit the House of Rothschild?  Do not ask anything of them; only seek to remove them from your life as much as possible.

I am of the firm and deep belief that physical gold, silver, copper, and nickel are sufficient mediums-of-exchange to enable a healthy and flourishing economy.  They are de-centralised, they are already in existence, and almost every person has at least some coins to trade with.

Gold and silver are for large purchases whilst copper and nickel are for smaller purchases.  From a Grand Palace to a single apple, there is a monetary metal that would function sufficiently as a medium of exchange.

It is important not to ‘peg’ gold to silver or to copper or nickel, as each metal is unique with its own demands and properties.  The ‘mistake’ made in the US constitution was to peg gold with silver, which allowed those that controlled the gold to therefore control the silver, demonetize it, introduce the FED, and as they say; “the rest is history”.  Always remember that the one bank headed by the Rothschild clan is managed by the most sneaky, snake-like, devious, deceitful creatures ever to walk on this wonderful planet.  Pegging the metals together would allow a window of opportunity for them to enter, and spread like the cancer that they are.


Physical gold is an excellent medium-of-exchange especially suited for the more expensive purchases in the market place.  Along with physical silver, copper and nickel – the latter usually found in the form of bronze and cupra-nickel – it is a sufficient medium-of-exchange for the market place to function in a fair a just manner.

An insidious gold standard is most likely on the cards before the contemporary bond-based fiat system finally witnesses the fat lady singing and it’s important to challenge the assumptions of those that advocate this to be a good method of change.

A pseudo-greenback is unlikely if one examines history, as the cycle from fiat to monetary metal is extremely common.

Final Point

Many people seem puzzled with my borderline obsession with the base metals of copper and nickel, but I will continue with my promotion of the two as I believe they have a fundamental role to play in demolishing the one bank.  Similar to the little and seemingly insignificant hobbits, these metals hold a vital strategy in creating a just world.

Please remember that all market places desire ‘change’ and that many of the smaller players only hold ‘change’, and are able to play and survive with just ‘change’.  Furthermore, if the smaller player becomes better with his/her moves then the ‘change’ will become more significant mediums.  In other words, a certain amount of copper and/or nickel could/will be exchanged for the precious metals of gold and silver by such smaller players in the future.

If you want to know more about this please click here if you’re in the US, and here if you’re in the UK.  My apologies for not writing about other countries, but the concept is similar throughout the word.

Thanks for reading.


Extracting the Parasite Known as the Elite

In this DTOM article I attempt to describe the similarities between parasites found in nature and the Anglo-American elite.  I also offer my suggestions for extracting usury from the system, as I believe usury is one of the primary methods used by the parasitical classes.  Hope you enjoy reading it. 

My definition of a Parasite 

It’s important to explain the notion of a parasite from my own perception as I believe viewing the ruling classes as a parasite will allow us to understand their behavior with greater depth, knowledge, and wisdom.

A parasite – such as a tapeworm – is a life form that cannot survive without feeding off the energy obtained from a host body.  For example, a tapeworm lies in the gut of a mammal and absorbs the food ingested by the host.  The host, almost invariably, will have needed to expend energy to obtain the food either by grazing or through hunting and catching prey.

The tapeworm therefore needs a suitable host i.e. one capable and willing to provide food – a healthy host body.  The host body doesn’t need the tapeworm.  In fact, the host body would do far better without the tapeworm – as it then wouldn’t have a parasite consuming its energy.

My definition of a parasite is therefore: a body that absorbs the energy of a ‘host’ body.

The modern elite are akin to a parasite, but one much darker than a tapeworm.  The elite are more similar to the manipulative parasites found in nature.

Manipulative parasites

Parasitical life-forms that can control the behaviour of their host occur quite frequently around the world and throughout the ages.  Certain fungi – Ophiocordyceps unilateralis, -can manipulate ants to climb-up plants, anchor onto a leaf,  and then proceed to consume the ant’s brain before exploding and spreading spores onto other ants beneath the plant:  thus commencing it – the fungi’s – life-cycle once again.

Another parasite – the gordian worm – is able to create perceptual illusions such as ‘no water’, when in fact there is a big pond resulting in the host drowning-to-death.

Other illusions include the manipulation of the senses to make the scent of a predator appear desirable; akin to a human-being having an attraction towards the smell of wolves and lions.  The Pomphorhynchus laevis appears to be utilize this trick.

Such parasites use biological routes to manipulate their host’s behaviour, and the contemporary global elite also use pharmaceutical drugs in a similar manner.

The parasitical classes have utilized intoxicating substances as a method-of-control for a long time.  From encouraging alcohol use in both present and bygone times to having a significant influence upon modern illegal drug trafficking, it certainly appears that the parasites love to warp and manipulate our conscious thought and perceptions – so long as there’s some type of profit involved.

Other biological controls they employ include prescription drugs peddled by their petro-drug cartels, and additives put into our food and water supplies.

To combat these biological attacks on the senses we must embrace natural remedies for ailments, and reject any drug-derivatives we encounter on the street.  Humanity has always enjoyed becoming intoxicated, but we must look for natural home-made alternatives and not those packaged by the parasitical classes.  Consuming their intoxicants merely allows ‘them’ – a parasite – to grow, and we must all learn to starve-the-beast at every angle possible.  This also includes monitoring their other tool – behavioural-manipulation.

Throughout the nineteenth century a variety of controversial experiments were conducted both openly and in a covert manner.  The elite, through funding their puppet researchers, developed many behavioural strategies to control their host – us – and used the information from theories such as classical and operant conditioning to keep us running-on-the-mouse-wheel to ensure they could hitch-a-ride and parasite upon the fruits-of-our-labour.

Operant conditioning examines the notion of rewards/reinforcements and punishments.  Through usury, the parasitical class have encouraged our behaviour by rewarding those that play their game, and punishing those that choose not to.

To combat the parasitical class’ behavioural methods, you must be conscious of your behaviour.  Do your actions or inactions contribute in some manner towards feeding-the-beast, and if so, how can you embrace behavioural change within yourself, and start to cull the parasites rife within our society?

Stop running-on-the-mouse-wheel, and reject the scraps thrown to you by the parasitical class and recognise their ‘rewards’ for what they primarily are – an illusion.

To combat the reward/reinforcement aspect of operant conditioning we could simply embrace the hunger for a return to real money.

Another primary for of manipulation is the adjustment of societal norms and expectations.  This is such a large topic that I cannot do full justice to it here, and suggest you watch, or re-watch, Chris’ academy work regarding psychological control.  It’s sufficient to comment here that you social clock is engineered and the things you desire are often implanted at a subliminal level.

The return to money

Illusory currency has been around for such a long time that the parasitical class have become totally dependent upon it.  They’ve been able to do this as the common man has, for far too long, been tricked by hocus-pocus that pieces of paper and binary codes stored on a hard disk are actual assets.

Unfortunately for the parasitical class, the host – us – is evolving and developing numerous resistance ‘cells’ that are currently cornering the elite and exposing them at an ever-growing rate.

The DTOM website is one of many that advocate exchanging fiat currency into silver bullion whilst the opportunity to do so still exists.  Unlike many other forums and blogs, however, here at DTOM we have folk none too keen to wait for a knight in shining armour to come and rescue us.  The focus isn’t merely making a profit, either:  The DTOM community examine ways and means to ‘leave the debt farm’ in as smooth-a-manner as possible.

Silver is indeed money, but do you really believe that having bars and once ounce coins is a sufficient way to run an economy?  What if all two participants in the economy wish to do is have a medium-of-exchange for apples and potatoes?

An economy that utilises monetary metal as a currency is often hindered by the mindset of the wealthier members of that society.  Coins are usually created by those with the wealth, and as such the base-metal coins and smaller silver coins were rarely around in sufficient quantities for those lower down on the wealth scale.

Through my own research I came to the conclusion that the last decent monarch my country had was Queen Elizabeth the first.  Unlike her demented contemporary namesake, Queen Elizabeth the first defended the English against foreign taxation, and also minted more small coins that any monarch before her time.

A healthy economy will include many levels, and this can only be facilitated when the coins in play can account for all potential purchases: from a single red apple, to a fancy grand palace.

Gold and silver are not appropriate coins for small purchases whilst bronze/copper coins are not suitable for expensive purchases.  Lizzie the first – or at least her advisors – knew full well that a healthy economy must include everyone; from the lowest paid to the savvy entrepreneurs.  She therefore introduced bronze, silver, and gold coins en masse throughout her reign.

Money and the elite 

There isn’t a method to correctly assess the amount of money held by the Anglo-American elite.  It would appear they have virtually no silver after selling it cheaply for many decades, and the US treasury reports to hold none at all.  In bygone times, nearly every government would have held silver for coinage and security, but nowadays the landscape is very different.

The people have the silver, not the elite.

It is perhaps a different story with gold.  The central banks of the world have been net buyers for two years now, after being net sellers for many decades.  There are many gold-bugs amongst the people, and this trend will grow exponentially.

Do the people have more gold than the Anglo-American elite?  I’m not certain, but as the elite probably have far less gold than they state, and they have virtually no silver, the people have the money as of 2012.

The Anglo-American elite believe they can introduce SDR’s connected to the national and regional currencies of today.  They gambled with their money on persuading the world to accept their global debt-based currency.

Will you accept it?

Will humanity accept it?

I personally doubt it.  In fact, I foresee a 1340’s style collapse and the Rothschild’s of the world will be hunted down by those that perceive that some crimes simply cannot go unpunished. 

Most of us, however, should and must simply walk away.

Extracting parasites

At the beginning of this article I mention the parasite commonly known as a tapeworm.  Imagine discovering this tapeworm today, what would you do?  Would you proceed to take a sharp knife and cut-out the worm, or would you consume a substance known to poison it?  Obviously you would extract the parasite using the method known to have the least detrimental effect to yourself – or at least I would hope you would choose this option.

The elite use many methods to parasite off our energy, but their main weapon – in my most humble opinion – is the process known as usury.  The Rothschild bloodline have practiced usury on both gold and fiat currency.  Through this process they’ve manipulated governments, businesses, education, and ultimately most of humanity.

We therefore need to extract usury from the ‘system’.

We also, and more importantly, need to use a medium of exchange they cannot control; namely silver.  However, as stated, the current quantity of silver is not sufficient in most places, and, even more importantly, the silver is stored in bars and one ounce coins.

A crown is a British coin weighing in at 28.48 grams – smaller than a troy ounce.  Such coins were never popular amongst the people as they were considered too bulky and cumbersome.  It will be a similar story for the one ounce coins today.  They are bullion, but not a very good currency.

Constitutional Silver, is a currency system from a bygone time, and could certainly be incorporated alongside silver bullion.  However, I still believe this would be insufficient for every possible trade, and would urge people to consider the semi-precious metal monetary systems such as the nickel dollar.

In the UK, we could use the 1920-1946 50% silver coins alongside copper sterling.


The world is full of parasites.  Some parasites simply absorb energy from the host, whilst more malevolent ones actually control the behaviour of the host; often resulting in the host’s demise.

The Anglo-American elite – the Rothschild’s, the Windsor’s, and the Rockefella’s are a form of parasite that absorbs our energy: mainly through a process known as usury.

To extract one of their main routes, we must establish usury-free monetary systems, and such systems should – nay, MUST – include all the coins – bronze, silver, and gold.

The monetary systems we establish should incorporate many smallish coins of various metals.  An economy functions far better in this manner.

Think on…………………………………………….



4 Piggy Banks for the ‘working poor’

Unfortunately for me, I most certainly fall into the bracket widely-regarded as ‘the working poor’.  Having arrived back in my home country England after a few years in the far-east I found a country in an economic decline of epic proportions. I therefore took an interesting yet low-paid ‘job’ working with those with learning disabilities and/or mental-health problems.

My take-home pay is a mere £230 per week, but this is sufficient if you put your head in gear and think of methods to accumulate tangible assets for the upcoming paradigm shift.

Before anything else, you should obtain a food and seed bank.   Get real seed, and never purchase F1 hybrids.

Once the basics are in place, you should then consider your monetary metal bank.  Do you have any savings in the high-street banks?  If so, why would you do this?

I was fortunate to accrue approximately $10k in savings whilst in the far-east.  This was quickly converted into precious metals mid-2010 after I discovered the behaviour known as usury.  I’ve continued to purchase silver ever since, and I’ve four primary ‘monetary metal’ banks in play at the moment.

Bank One: Precious metals savings store

As stated I had a ‘head start’ on this bank as I had a small amount of savings.  I didn’t know anything about how the monetary system worked until mid-2010, and after reading Mike Maloney’s book ‘Guide to investing in gold and silver’ about seven times, I cashed-out with 10% gold and 90% silver new savings account.  After following Chris Duane’s advice, I’ve since converted the gold into silver through selling the gold then buying more silver.  My precious metal savings store, as of Dec 2011, is 100% physical silver.

Due to my low income, I now add to my precious metal account with small purchases.  My last buy was fifty 1/10 troy ounce coins in a tube, and just prior to that I bought a 100g bar.  It is still possible to accumulate silver at today’s bargain prices, and it’s better to have some than none at all.

Bank Two: Copper

My ‘gut’ tells me that silver will not become a currency in my area, nor will it become the currency in many areas across the western world.  Silver will be a store-of-value, but the everyday run-of-the-mill folk will probably utilise the semi-precious metals of copper and nickel.

If you’re in the UK then I suggest you collect-in the 1971-1991 one pence and two pence coins.  They are 97% copper and a face value of 128p equals a full pound weight of copper.  Four two pence coins have a total weight of one ounce, and eight pennies also equal one ounce.

If you’re in the US, simply collect the bronze pennies in circulation.

Bank Three: ‘White copper’ in the UK, or ‘Nickel’ in the US

What the Americans call a ‘Nickel’ is starting to be regarded as ‘white copper’ amongst the Brits.  These coins have a 25 % nickel and 75% copper content.  These coins, like the pennies mentioned above, will be far more valuable once this debt-based paradigm has collapsed, than they are under the current system.  Fish them out and store your ‘white copper’ or ‘nickel’ in a separate jar/tub.

In the UK, the 5p and 10p coins are the main coins to fish-out.  In the US, fish out the ‘nickels’ which are 5grams of cupro-nickel.  $10’s worth of ‘nickels’ weight a full kilogram – bargain 🙂

Bank four:  Paradigm shift monetary metal

Many people will advise you to hold some physical cash for the early stages of the fiat collapse and I agree with their views.  However, I advise you also use monetary metal instead of physical paper.

My ‘paradigm shift’ monetary metal bank essentially contains coins with a nominal value higher than the metal content value.  After the crash, however, the nominal value will be non-existent and the coin will be valued by its metal content.  Surely that value will far surpass physical cash.

Alarmingly, even physical cash is better than digital currency.  At least we can wipe our noses, wipe our asses, or even make paper-darts from the pieces of paper.  Digital doesn’t even exist – it’s simply a computer game and one day we’ll all see a statement saying ‘game over, no more credits’.

In the UK just store 20p, 50p, £1, and £2 coins in your paradigm shift bank.  They’re all made of cupro-nickel and could prove to be useful in both this paradigm and the next unlike BofE toilet paper.


Even if you are relatively poor, you can start to collect monetary metal for the next paradigm.  Be brave, be strong, be resourceful, and prepare yourselves to the best of your ability.


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Copper Sterling: a debt-free tangible currency for Britain.

Anyone that knows me will be fully aware that I’ve been trying to develop strategies for a tangible debt-free currency for the Brits to utilise.

It is both a mathematical and psychological certainty that the current global monetary system is doomed to failure.  It’s a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’, and most importantly, in late 2011 it would appear the outcome is as uncertain as ever.

The elite still hold many cards.  They still control central governments and central banks, and therefore have control over their diabolical strawman law, the military, and the grovelling and two-faced power-hungry politicians.

I am not alone in thinking that the elite wished to impose a global digital currency.  One controlled by them, produced as a debt, and bank-wired to a microchip embedded under the skin of the enslaved people of earth.

However, it would appear they’ve lost control of their planned engineered collapse.  Look at all their central banks panicking and buying gold reserves post 2009.  If they wanted to perpetually peg the currency supply to gold they could have done that a long time ago as they used to have most of the gold.  They had been net-sellers for decades of both the precious metals.

They now have a pitiful amount of silver, and to join the market as a purchaser would be to expose their digital fiat as worthless.  There was an opportunity for them to get some gold back and perhaps consolidate for a later date.

People are exposing them though, and people are simply leaving their ‘system’.

To see the debt-farm, is to leave it” Stefan Molyneux

They have been panicking ever since the world said “mmmmm, not sure about that one” after the vampire-like IMF proposed ‘special drawing rights’ to a conference in 2009.  The people are shifting into gold and/or silver, and they are effectively cornered.

There is the opportunity to build new systems right under their noses whilst we ‘walk away’ and many such systems needn’t be operational now; but could be pre-conceived notions to implement as-and-when the moment is appropriate.

Various States are producing their own silver coins as a debt-free tangible currency, and groups in the UK are producing systems that include debt-free fiats.

Copper sterling is based on semi-precious metals and will comprise of many pre-existing coins in circulation. It is made-up of two types: bronze copper, and white copper.

Bronze Copper Sterling Pound

I believe I’ve improved and simplified the mathematics to this concept.  Bronze copper sterling will simply consist of 1971-1991 penny and two pence coins.  The coins are 97% copper.  A bronze copper pound is literally a pound weight.  Four two pence pieces make-up one ounce as do eight pennies.  Sixteen ounces make up the pound.

A penny is an eighth of an ounce.  A two pence piece is a quarter of an ounce. The nominal face value of an ounce is therefore eight pence, and a pound has a nominal face value of 128 pence.  Incidently, the now demonetised post 1971 1/2p peices are also 97% bronze and weight a sixteenth of an ounce.

The mathematics is quite simple, thus facilitating trade.

Furthermore, I urge you to have a quick peak at the price of a pound of copper on the exchange.  Even if all you do is collect the coins, and don’t connect with others, you will have made a significant gain as 128pence of bronze sterling is effectively a pound a copper.  Furthermore, the exchange price really isn’t anywhere near the price for immediate delivery of copper.  It would cost around £15 for a pound weight of copper in smallish purchases and around £5 per pound weight even if you were to purchase and get delivery a full ton of copper.

At 128 pence per pound of bronze, I suggest you collect the coins ASAP, as they are a bargain investment.

White copper sterling Key

In 2011, the Royal Mint has commenced with replacing the 5p and 10p coins.  The media shills, obliged to address the story so that they can claim impartiality at a later date, ran a report regarding how the new magnetic nickel-plated steel 5p and 10p pieces are forcing vending machine operators to adapt their slots.

“The changes, which involves the coins being made from a different metal and becoming thicker, have never been officially announced by either the Royal Mint or the Treasury. Some experts have told The Daily Telegraph the change is a “disaster” and they are becoming increasingly alarmed the new coins will fail to work in hundreds of thousands of machines, and that the costs of implementing changes will run to as much as £100 million” The London Telegraph, September 2010

This is a replay of 1992 when they changed the bronze coins with copper-plated steel.  The cycle of precious to semi-precious then onward to the base-metals such as zinc and steel is almost complete, and we should take back our semi-precious coins before the parasitical government do.

I used to look at the white copper coins and see ‘fake silver’ – as well I should.  In 1919, the Royal Mint produced its last silver sterling coin.  The public had utilised silver sterling – an alloy made-up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper – for many centuries, and the concept was pegged to a troy pound of sterling silver comprising of 240 pennies.

In 1946, the Royal Mint produced its last coin containing silver.  From 1920 to 1946 the Royal Mint effectively stole 42.5% of the silver by collecting in the sterling silver and producing coins containing 50% silver content. Since 1947, ‘silver coins’ have been made up of white copper or cupra-nickel.  In other words, the public had their silver stolen from them by their own government to pay for wars played-out with borrowed money.

“The war’s over, now pay-up” said the manipulative dark lord Rothschild via his central banks.

Now, in 2011, they are even attempting to steal our semi-precious metals of copper and nickel.  Are you going to let them?

The mathematics of white copper is not as clear-cut as the bronze copper pound or the nickel dollar, but the concept is simple: a ‘white copper key’ is a kilogram weight of cupra-nickel made-up of the 5p, 10p, and 50p coins.  These coins are the same composition of 75% copper and 25% nickel and therefore their weight value is the same, even though the 50p has a much higher nominal value.

There are few £5 coins that also comprise of white copper, i.e. 75% copper and 25% nickel.  They weigh one AVDP ounce each, and therefore in sufficient numbers they could be traded as a white copper pound.  In insufficient number they are easily incorporated into a white copper key weight measurement.

The oddball coins

The 20p is made-up of 84% copper and 16% nickel.  It is an ‘oddball’ coin, but nonetheless comprises of semi-precious metals.

The £1 coin is made-up of nickel-brass and comprises of 70% copper, 5.5% nickel, 24.5% zinc.

The £2 is also made-up of nickel-brass, but has a different composition of 76% copper, 4% nickel, 20% zinc.

I’m not sure how to incorporate these coins into a monetary system, but they could be useful for any physical form of debt-free fiats, or for meting-down in the future, so get them before the elite try to demonetise all monetary metal.


The current monetary system will inevitably collapse.

The puppet-governments will try to impose a centrally controlled currency supply in cahoots with their partners-in-crime the central banks.  This is because the same ‘force’ controls both the government and the central bank……’s that simple.

We should reject certificates or fiat controlled by the government and forge ahead with our own goals and destiny.  The government is the problem and not part of the solution.  Small communities that ignore the elites of this world and build societies based on tangible wealth and sustainability will emerge as the elite lose control of their long-planned global economic crash.

You have a choice to accept some insidious debt-based fiat from the government or you can walk away and try to build a better world.

Having debt-free semi-precious metals as the currency supply would be an ideal start.

Please comment or contact me if you like this idea.

At the very least, I hope you commence to collect the 1971-1991 1p and 2p coins along with the 5p and 10p coins.  Their intrinsic value is already greater or close to higher than their nominal value.

All the best



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